“Whoo Loves You?” Owl Baby Shower Cake… take 2!

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If you recall, I just did a “Whoo Loves You?” Baby Shower Cake just a couple of weeks ago.  It was an adorable cake with a sweet owl on top.

Well less than 2 weeks later, I got another request based on the same Whoo Loves You Owl Baby Shower theme.

This one came sort of last minute,  so I couldn’t quite do the big owl on top.  Instead, I opted for a smaller owl on the side of the cake. I hand cut the owl, then used these miniature cutters for the flowers on her wings and all the leaves on the top tier.   PS… I love those cutters!  I’ve used them so many times since I got them a couple of months ago!!

I still wanted to incorporate the Argyle pattern (minus the stitching) and I was asked to use less brown than included on the plates & napkins so I opted for a pink background.  For the diamonds, I used a cutter from the 101 Wilton Cookie cutters set.

I also added a monogram of the new baby’s name… I rolled this fondant out in ropes by hand and shaped the letters.  I glued them on with sugar glue!  For the background of the letters, I improvised… I don’t have any oval shaped cutters, so I rolled out some pink marshmallow fondant rather thick, then cut it with a crinkle edge round cutter from the same 101 Wilton Cookie cutters set I used above, then I rolled it in one direction until I got the oval shape.    That’s my standard MO for ovals these days (wink!).

This cake was made with 6″ and 8″ round pans.  It was all vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream and all decorations were homemade marshmallow fondant… well, except the brown.  I use Satin Ice Dark Chocolate Brown fondant for that – it’s SO yummy – it tastes like a brownie!  Yummy!!

Did I miss anything?  If you have questions about how to make this cake, please leave them in the comments!!

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  1. Kristen Miller says

    Soooo cute! Okay those mini cutters are exactly what I needed last night while trying to make a bunch of buttons. That was so much easier than using that Wilton mold thing I bought. I guess it was just because my fondant turned out super soft for some reason…so the mold was just not cutting it for me. Adding that and the 101 cutters to my wish list! 😉

  2. Richard Nansen says

    Hi, I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on making your owl baby shower cakes. My wife is having a owl theme and I was going to make the cake for her as a surprise. I already made the marshmallow fondant!! It came out great!!! Thank you!

  3. dawn davis says

    this cake is just so perfect for a baby shower i’m planning on having for a close friend later on this year but i think this cake can be used for a boy or a girl just by changing the colors very very cute!!!!

      • dawn davis says

        i found great invites that have a whole family of owls with an additional owl egg for the baby on the etsy site but i will be happy to send you a picture of my cake when i finish it i will be making it late aug early sept thanks for responding to me dawn dawnbakescakes.com( my website)

  4. Ruby ♡ says

    I want this cake for my sister’s babyshower! She want an owl based theme!!
    I think this is perfect!

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