Zebra Stripes Sheet Cakes (Birthdays & Graduation) with Hot Pink & Make-Up

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I’ve done a couple of these Zebra Stripes Sheet Cakes this year (and a couple in previous years – keep reading) but I just realized I hadn’t posted one here at Rose Bakes.   They’re pretty simple to put together – all of these pictured today are 9×13 cakes.   This first up (up above) was for Lansley… I also did the Angry Birds cake for her brother Stoney.

I covered the first one with marshmallow fondant (MMF) – then this second one below is just vanilla buttercream, then I used Satin Ice Black Vanilla Fondant and a pizza wheel to free-hand cut the stripes.

For the hot pink balls, I hand-rolled them with MMF colored hot pink from the Americolor Electric gel colors set.  I used my favorite Funky Alphabet cutters to do the names,. then I traced around them on black fondant to put the “back” on them.  I free handed the peace signs!

While I’m on the topic of zebra cakes… here are a couple of other ones I have never posted.

This first one is from quite awhile back – long before I knew much about picture taking, but it was for my cousin and it turned out pretty cute!  That was hot pink buttercream if you’re wondering… I’m amazed at how smooth it was because I still struggle with smoothing buttercream nearly 2 years later!

Then there’s this Zebra Make-Up Cake.  This was designed based on the very first cake I ever sold

…a drastic improvement in just over 2 years from my first Zebra Make-Up Cake, don’t you think?

Anyway, that was a fun little trip down memory lane (for me) looking up all those older cakes!  It’s fun to see how I’ve improved with cakes and photography… and how much more confident I am now than when I started!

Do you like zebra cakes?  I have a few others if you want to scroll through them here!  Did I miss any details?  Do you have any questions about these cakes?  Please leave them in the comments!

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