How to Make a Fondant Checkered Blanket

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How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket

After posting the Teddy Bear Picnic cake and the How to Make Fondant Basketweave Tutorial, the question that’s been most asked is how to make a fondant checkered blanket like the teddy bear was sitting on.

Sooo, yesterday I was in “tutorial mode” and decided to do a quick tutorial on the blanket.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 15

PS… yesterday I completed 3 tutorials (yay for me!), pictures taken and edited, and two submitted to CakeJournal and did this one for here.  It was a productive day… :)

Anyway… so here it is, How to Make a Fondant Checkered Blanket.   Start by gathering your supplies.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 01

Here’s what I used:

Step 1:

First, you’re going to need to know what size you want your blanket to be.  For today’s tutorial, I was going to put it on a 4″ round (dummy) cake.  I wanted the corners of the blanket to hang down about an inch on the sides of the cake, so I opted to do a blanket approximately 5″ square. Using my clear acrylic sewing ruler and a small pastry wheel, I cut out a 5″ square.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 02

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 03

Step 2:

Next I covered the square with a thin layer of shortening.  It looks pretty thick below, but I did that just so you could see it in the picture.  I wiped it down with a paper towel after the picture and left only a thin coat.

Note:  you could also use sugar glue to do this, but I don’t recommend it.   Personally, I think it would be a mess and it would be difficult to shift the squares around to get them just right… but you can give it a try if you like the idea better!

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 04

Step 3:

Roll out red and white fondant (or whatever colors you want for your blanket).  I rolled it pretty thin – but not so thin that it would stretch and tear or get distorted when moved.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 05

Step 4:

Using a tiny square cutter (mine is between half an inch and an inch square), cut out lots of squares for the blanket.  I didn’t count or calculate how many I’d need, I just cut out a bunch and got started.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 06

Step 5:

Now just start lining them up on the blanket – alternating colors.  The shortening will act as a adherent, but it’s not so sticky that you can’t shift them around if needed.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 07

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 08

Step 6:

When you get it completely covered, you may have to trim the edges a bit if the squares don’t completely line up with the edge of the square underneath.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 09

Step 7:

At this point, I use my rolling pin to gently roll over the blanket.  I try to not squish it too much, just enough to smooth everything out.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 10

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 11

Step 8:

Now it’s as simple as this… lay it over the top!

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 12

When you begin to smooth down the corners, the squares may pull apart a bit (see below), but because they’re not firmly attached, you can smooth them and adjust them to get it looking nice.

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 13

Step 9:

Once it’s all smoothed and the squares are lined up – you’re done!

How to Make Fondant Checkered Blanket 14

For this cake, I wanted to add something to give it a finished look, so I made a “1” from white chocolate and covered it in disco dust to use as a topper on my little (fake) cake.   The tutorial for this is also coming soon!

Teddy Bear Picnic Blanket

And that’s it…. this is how I made the fondant checkered blanket for the teddy bear picnic blanket!

Do you have any questions about making this blanket?  Leave me a comment and I’ll see if I can help!



  1. Yaneri says

    I LOVE IT when you are in “tutorial mode” hahaha!!!
    Thanks for doing this tutorial Rose!
    Can’t wait to see the other ones you have planned!!!!

      • Yaneri says

        Awwww, honey! You are so sweet! Thank u for thinking of me!!! Your the best!!!!
        I have a Cars Lightning McQueen I have to make, an actual car cake! I’ve been googling and have some kind of idea. I even looked at your Truck cake tutorial! Learning how to carve is what scares me!! I’m so anxious when the time comes when I’m about to make it. So Scared I may take off more that what i’m supose and what the end results may look like!!! LOL!!!!!

  2. Su Murillo says

    Rose, I LOVE sooo much your work and all the tips, techniques and tutorials.
    I have used your designs several times as inspiration for my cakes and have used your tutorials countless of times.
    Now I have found an amazing tutorial on how to make black, red and chocolate colored home made fondant. It’s AMAZING and since am like you, in regards to making everything from scratch. When I made it and tried it the first time it was WONDERFUL, AMAZING and the taste is sooo good and much better than Satin Ice brand and the way that it streches and covers cakes, is beautiful. NO TEARS!!!! :)

    Here is the link of the tutorial, hope you like it :)

    Thanks again :)

  3. Yaneri says

    Hey Rose! You know what be a great idea?
    How about a blog post adding some of your viewers favorite tutorials? That way, everyone can add they’re fave tutorial on your blog. There is always something interesting and fun to learn from other viewers! 😀

    I just read Su Murillo’s fondant blog post and thought how fun it would be to share our own tutorials on Rose!!

    What’cha think????

  4. Angelia S. says

    Aww that looks easy! I thought it was going to be more complicated! As usual, you did a great job on the tutorial. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  5. Raquel Cuellar says

    But I wanted to thank Rose for everything she shares so generous, it brings joy to my heart. I have been going for very difficult times, but looking at her work it just brings a smile to my heart and makes me forget about my problems. Thank you very much. God bless,

  6. aranea says

    Hi… I have to make blanket for this Sutarday, how early can I start…blanket that I would like to do is a lot of work and I was wondering if I can make it 1 day before covering cake in fondant

  7. Elana says

    Cute cake!
    Once the cake is assembled, do the checkerboard pieces stay in place?
    Do you use the same process when you cover an entire cake with a checkerboard?

  8. Theresa Kraus says

    I just wanted to thank u for sharing your tips. I have to make a baby blanket with a checkered blanket n needed some advice. I appreciate your suggestions! : )

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