Ladybug Party: Cake, Cookies, Cake Pops & Smash Cake

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A few weeks ago I made all the sweets & treats for a ladybug party for a sweet girl turning 1 year old!

Her Mama wanted to go “all out” for her party, so I went ladybug cRaZy!

First up, a Ladybug Cake.   I’ve done these before… here and here and here and here’s a pink ladybug.   OH, and these ladybug cakes, done for twins!

For the cake I’m sharing today, I changed up her face gave her a cute white bow with black polka dots.   Then I made the antennae out of black vanilla fondant (with tylose) instead of pipe cleaners.

This cake was baked with the Wilton Soccer ball pan and another 9″ round layer of cake to make it taller.  The head was rice cereal treats covered in black fondant.

Oh, and this cake was bold rainbow colors on the inside, as was the smash cake.  Both were vanilla cake.  See how to make rainbow cake on the inside here.

Next up… the smash cake.

It was baked in the sports ball pan… a tiny little half ball.  I covered it in red buttercream and used black fondant for all the decorations.  I kept this one simple since it was for the birthday girl to dig into and mom didn’t want it too fancy.

The ladybug cake pops might have been my most favorite thing to make!  They were just so cute!  The cake on the inside was vanilla – but it was red too!  You can see my tutorial for making ladybug cake pops here.

Some of these were dipped in plain red candy melts with Wilton Sparkling Sugar added.  For others, I used black candy melts to draw on the ladybug design and added a small fondant head.   The black candy in the vase holding the cake pops were Black Sixlets….. isn’t that fun?

And then there were the cookies.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I’m no cookie decorator.  At least not a good one.  But these turned out pretty good!

They were cut-out sugar cookies with this royal icing for the decorations!

Before I wrap this up… would you do me a quick favor?  Would you hop over to Sweetopia and vote for my cake?  If I get the most votes (ends June 28 at 9pm EST), I win an awesome Cake Ball Roller and I’d love to win!!  I won!!!  Thank you all so much!  xoxo

Do you have any questions about this Ladybug cake, smash cake, cake pops or cookies?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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  1. Jennie says

    What is in the glass jar that the Cake Pops are standing up in please?
    I love all the Ladybug things.

  2. Megan says

    For someone who is “not” a cookie decorator…you sure look like you are to me! Awesome job yet again, such a cute ladybug spread! I imagine the soccer ball design is relatively easy to not have it show up through the ladybug? I see that the pan has those soccer ball indents naturally in it…

    I need to send you an email soon, in regards to some fondant questions I have after my cake issues this last time around, see if you have any tips/suggestions! :-)

    • Rose says

      Those ladybug cookies are the best I’ve ever done. However, I did some last weekend (not yet posted) that weren’t good at all… I can’t seem to get any consistency to my cookie skills!

      And thank you… yes, the soccer pattern is easily covered – just smooth it over with buttercream before covering in fondant!

  3. Michelle says

    Rose, this is the CUTEST cake I’ve ever seen! I’ve probably said that before but you seriously got talent lady! Why aren’t you on a cooking show yet? I so wish I lived close enough just to be able to order these beauties.

    Thanks so much for stopping by Creative Thursday last week. I couldn’t do these parties without you. Can’t wait to see what you link up this week. Have a great weekend.

  4. Laura says

    hello, first off i absolutely love the cake! its so adorable!
    well i was looking to make some ladybug cake pops for my daughters 1st birthday, but i don’t even know where to start, or where i can even get the red melts? or the fondant??
    help please!

    • Rose says

      Thanks Laura! I buy my candy melts at Walmart but you could also get them at hobby stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, etc.). You can get fondant there too, but I usually buy it online from Country Kitchen Sweetart. If all else fails, I know you can buy both on Amazon (Red Candy Melts, Black Vanilla Satin Ice Fondant). For instructions on making cake pops, watch the 2 videos here on Amazon… just scroll down beneath the book and you’ll see 2 videos beneath “Related Media” or buy the book Cake Pops for step-by-step instructions!

  5. Norma Conway says

    How did you attach the head of the lady bug to the body? I’m going to attempt to make a lady bug cake for my daughters’s birthday even though I haven’t worked with fondant before! This s the cutest cake!

    • Rose says

      I used a wooden skewer and pushed it into the head, then pushed the whole thing onto the cake!! I hope that helps and thank you for visiting :)

    • Rose says

      I dipped them in red, then used a black candy writer to draw on the stripe and dots. For the head, I cut out circles of black fondant using a tiny round cutter and “glued” them on with melted candy!

      • Shrese says

        Thanks for replying. Your blog has really inspired me for planning my daughter’s first birthday! I have some pretty ambitious plans, but your blogs and guides make me feel like I can conquer it all. Wish me luck!!

  6. Lori O says

    I absolutely adore this entire post! I wish you were in FL and I’d have you do my daughter’s cake. Do you have any tips on getting that deep red color (for buttercream and royal icing)? I’m using Wilton’s colors and my red looks more coral. Also, how far in advance can you make the cakes, cookies, pops and still taste fresh? Thank you in advance! You are so talented!

      • Lori O says

        Thank you! I will try that. How long does the icing stay fresh? What about your cookies and pops? How far do you make those in advance? Your work is so inspiring!!

        • Rose says

          You can keep it in the frig for a couple of weeks easily! The cookies can be frozen for weeks or kept for at least a week in an airtight container in the frig or room temp. I can’t say for sure on the cake pops. You can do the cake balls ahead and freeze them but I usually decorate them really close to delivery (within a day or so). Thank you for your sweet compliments!!

  7. Pam says

    Rose, thank you so much for posting this! We were planning a surprise baby shower with a ladybug theme, for a co-worker at the office. I offered to make a cake and with your photo as a guide, along with your mentions of pans and how you made the grass, it turned out REALLY cute! Everyone loved it! Thank you for helping make our baby shower extra special and fun!

  8. Julie says

    Hi Rose!

    I’ve been asked to make ladybug cookies and wondered if you remember how you went about making them. Did you do the red or black first? Did you have a pattern?

    Thanks for any help you can give! :)


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