Purple Ombre Buttercream Roses Birthday Cake

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Purple Ombre Buttercream Roses Birthday Cake Above

Today I want to share with you Jessica’s Purple Ombre Buttercream Roses Birthday Cake.  I never get tired of these cakes!

Jessica’s mom is the local 4-H director and my kids have come to love her!  So when she asked (sort of last minute) about me doing a surprise birthday cake for her daughter Jessica, I couldn’t say no and was really excited!

Purple Ombre Buttercream Roses Side

Since buttercream roses is one of my go-to “easy” cakes, I asked about her favorite color and decided to do this cake, adding her monogram on the top at the end.  Since I was disappointed with my writing on the pink ombre roses cake that was like this one, I opted to use cutters to do these letters!

Monogram Plaque on Purple Ombre Roses Cake

I used a plaque cutter from CheapCookieCutters.com to cut out the shape from homemade marshmallow fondant then I used my Fox Run Alphabet cutters for the letters!

Purple Ombre Buttercream Roses Birthday Cake

I was really happy with the fading ombre effect on this cake.  On previous cakes (like this pink one and this yellow one) the colors didn’t fade enough for my taste!  But I’m getting better at judging the amount of color and frosting to get a really effective ombre look!

This cake was all chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream.  I used my 1M tip to pipe the roses.  You can scroll through more of my buttercream roses cakes here and you can see Amanda from I am Baker’s wonderful tutorial on how to pipe Buttercream Roses here.

Do you have any questions about these cakes?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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