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How to Make Purple Candy Apples

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How to Make Purple (grape) Candy Apples

I shared these on Facebook a few days ago, but I’m running away with a friend and having a girls day out today so I thought I’d do a short post about how to make purple candy apples, for those of you who might have missed them on Facebook!

I realize now that on Facebook, I linked back to my How to Make Candy Apples in Any Color post… and while you could absolutely use that recipe to make purple candy apples… that’s not what I did for these… ha!

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actually used candy apple mix from Sugarcraft.    The brand is Candy Apple Magic and the flavor is Grape (Purple).  And let me tell you… this stuff really has a grape taste!  Add the sweet grape flavor with the tart Granny Smith apples… it was one delicious candy apple!

Purple Grape Candy Apples

If you wanted to do these from scratch, my guess would be to use Americolor Regal Purple in my candy apple recipe, along with Lorann’s Grape Flavoring.

Lorann really has some of the best flavors and they’re really good (although I’ve never personally tried the grape).  I had to tell you that just in case you hate it… so you can’t blame me ;)

Purple Candy Apples Timeline Photo

Anyway… I just love the way these turned out!  I also got to play with my new macro lens that night… and I’m so happy with my photos!

Although I still need to practice with it… in that first photo, if you look closely, it sort of looks like the apple is floating because I had the aperture too small (or something like that… I really have no idea what I’m talking about!!).

Purple Candy Apples Above

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…and the pink and orange candy apples here:

How to Make Hot Pink and Orange Candy Apples

*One last note – all of these are candy apples… as in hard candy apples.   For my whole life, we’ve bought candy apples at the county fair and they’re hard … as in tooth-breaking, super-hard, gotta-lick-them-to-get-to-the-apple HARD.  That’s the way they’re meant to be!!  These are not caramel apples, soft or chewy or sticky.  They are hard.  I’m telling you this just in case anybody tries them then decides they want to send me a nasty email about how they’re hard and you can’t eat them … don’t bother.   Yes, they’re hard, yes, you can eat them… and I already know ;)

**One more last note… ha!  Many people have commented here and on the pink candy apples about bubbles in the candy.  I know they aren’t nearly as pretty when that happens and it’s happened to me ALOT (I just don’t pick those to take pics of).  I’m not 100% sure what causes it or how to prevent it.  I’ve read that adding a teaspoon of butter or oil to the mix may help.  I’ve also read that the apples must be room temperature and completely clean (wax free) and dry before dipping them.  Even the slightest moisture on the apples will cause bubbles to form in the candy.  I do hope that helps.  The truth is, I haven’t made any apples since I read about these solutions so I don’t know if it’ll help or not!

What do you think?  Do you have any questions about these candy apples?   I also have a cake, pink apples and cupcakes to share with you from this party, but that’ll have to wait for another day!



  1. They look really unique and tasty!! I’d love the recipe. ;)

    • You can either buy the mix that I link to or click on that link to my recipe… both are in the post! Thanks for visiting :)

      • Oh thanks! I certainly will be making these!!

      • I made candy apples two different times because in the First batch there was an after taste. I then followed the directions precisely for a second time and the after taste was still there. The candy apples came out looking really pretty. But the kids said the after taste cause the apples to taste like medicine. How do I fix that, am I the only one having this problem?

      • I can’t see the reply to my question. :( :( :(

  2. These look SO awesome. I’m definitely going to try this. Thanks for sharing it with us! Also going to watch your site for sure!

  3. Hi to use the bought mix do you use the directions on the mix or did you incorporate your recipe? I bought the mix so just wondering if I just follow the instructions listed to get a pretty clean purple like you did or if you added the mix to your recipe…thanks!

  4. Glad I found this site and am looking forward to seeing more great recipes. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Beverly Hutto says:


  6. what did you wash/wipe your apples with so the candy would stick?

  7. My kids and I love grape flavored apples. I looked at the link to the grape candy apple mix and it says it makes 70-100 apples! Can it be cut down to only dip 5-10 apples at a time?

  8. These are so cool! Just pinned and shared on my Facebook page:-)

  9. Michelle Bankston says:

    They are sooo pretty and fun! Thank you for the recipe! You always make yummy looking stuff!

  10. janis harper says:

    Thanks for sharing your talent!

  11. I left a message the other day on your pink/orange post, completely missing the purple when I am making purple Saturday! HA. I think I am sticking with the from scratch recipe, I can’t find boxed candy apples mixes anywhere, let alone grape ones!! I am going to use the grape extract flavor-found in my grocery store next to the vanilla. I hope it turns out well!! Thanks for this post, too! You’re apples are amazing!

  12. Maria zorola says:

    Omg! I love the color . I so want to make these for my mom she loves candy apples.

  13. Hi I know you say they are hard candy and I just love that myself :) but I wanted to make some for my 2yr olds up coming birthday party is there any way to make them chewy like the Carmel?? Or even softer so they don’t break little teeth?? TIA xoxo

    • It’s my understanding (although I’ve never tried it) that if you cook to the “soft ball” stage instead of the “hard ball” stage, the candy will stay soft and chewy! I *think* that’s around 238°F but you might want to google and double check that!

  14. Kathi Bartee says:

    I bet you could use the coloring in caramel if your wanted too.

  15. love to see you on facebook.

  16. Looks like Sugarcraft doesn’t stand behind their products with all the disclaimers they ask you to agree to before ordering. I guess it’s order at your own risk from this company. I’ll try making them the homemade way since this is not a company I’ve ever ordered from. Nice site if you’re a trusted customer.

  17. Im going to try grape juice instead of water

  18. Made these and they turned out very pretty, but I got too many air bubbles in them. How do I prevent this from happening again?

    • I’ve had so many turn out with bubbles and I’m not 100% sure what causes it or how to prevent it. I’ve read that adding a teaspoon of butter or oil to the mix may help. I’ve also read that the apples must be room temperature and completely clean (wax free) and dry before dipping them. Even the slightest moisture on the apples will cause bubbles to form in the candy.

  19. Just found this on my book page i love candy apple and my son dose too so me and my baby are going to try this to day thank you

  20. When i seen the purple candy apples i was like those are pretty so when seen the blue ones i told my fiance i wanted to make those for are wedding in June.

  21. I made these and they turned out beautifully but the next day the candy was sticky and somewhat melted. I did not store them in the refrigerator. I just covered them and left them on the counter. How should I have stored them?

    • I’ve never had that happen. I store mine on the counter (uncovered) or individually wrapped in cellophane. I’m not sure what would’ve caused that.

  22. Ok ladies I make candy apples all the time for my church and the trick to this air bubbles is after u dip the apple hold it down in the pot for about 30 seconds and the air bubbles wil not form due to the heat!!!! I’ve never tried the shortening but my technique works for me everytime also keep the apples DRY!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SITE IM A FAN!!!!

    • Okay – I’ve gotta ask… when you say hold it in the pot, do you just mean in the warm air, like above the candy? Not continue to hold it in the candy, right? I’ve just gotta know!! I have another order this week and I’d love to get them “right” this time!! :) Thanks so much for leaving a comment! I love learning!

  23. Hi Rose. I just received my Grape Candy Apple mix through the mail and I’m a little concerned. Is it supposed to be pink?? Will I need to add purple color? Also how should the finished apples be stored overnight? Thank you for all you do :)

    • It is pink in the bag but turns purple as soon as you add the water! :) I leave mine sitting out at room temperature – wrapped or unwrapped and they do just fine!

  24. cameka johnson says:

    Thanks so much for sharing..so many people HATE sharing things like this…thank you

  25. Hi I just made another batch everything turned out fine, the problem I’m having is when I use electric pink it turns out red afterwards. Can you tell me what can I do to get them to be the color there suppose to be

  26. just BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE !!!!

  27. These would be cool for a wedding treat :)

  28. I love the apples, they are so pretty. The way the green and purple compliment each other is very pleasing to me. I love the blue too. I live in Europe, so I will have to find alternatives. (Also, I am sorry, I am with the grammar police and a lot is one of my peeves… it’s 2 words, not one *** so sorry***)

  29. Hi. I’m wanting to know can I use any food coloring to make the color candy apples? And if so do u know if I would be able to use the ones from Party City or Michaels? and if i make them them this weekend would it still be good for next Saturday? I’m asking because my daughter’s birthday is next Saturday and since I’m baking cupcakes and cookies on Saturday morning. Do you think the apples will last and still taste good until then? Please help.

    • If it’s gel coloring (like Wilton or Americolor), it should work just fine. I don’t recommend grocery store food coloring. I would NOT make the apples a week ahead. I actually wouldn’t make them more than a day or two ahead if it were me. They tend to start getting sticky if kept much longer than that.

  30. Do you store extra apples in the fridge or keep them at room tempature?

  31. How did you put your name on them?

  32. Helen Aguilar says:

    Great job! Thank for sharing!!!

  33. Mrs.Godfrey says:

    Hey Rose !!! How much would you sale this apples to customer for, I’m having trouble pricing mine !!!

  34. Me and my kids would like to make some of these candy apples in different colors and flavors I would like to know where can I order the entire kit from along with the plastic wraps to put them in and ribbons. Great for there birthday friends

  35. Hi rose I adore all of your candy apples, I only need 5 candy apples how much candy apply mix and how much sugar will I need for this small batch?

  36. Hello Rose,
    I think that your apples are simply beauty on a stick. I would like to know how to make the purple apples soft instead of hard?

    Thank you,

  37. Hi
    I want to order the purple and blue from SugarCraft and use your recipe for the other colors..I got volunteered to make things for my mother in laws church bake same on 10/25 and then I got volunteered for the dessert part on an open house on 11/8..I will never need to use 70-100 apples, can you give me an idea of how you cut the amounts down to say 25 to 30 each color, and how do you store the unused powder?


    • I weigh it out on my kitchen scale. I think the package is 15 oz., so I cut it into thirds. I used 5 oz. of the mix, then 1/3 of the amount of the other ingredients (corn syrup, sugar, and water?). I just keep the bags in a box on a shelf with a clippy on them to keep them sealed so no moisture gets in.

  38. Hello, I used your candy apple recipe and added Lorann’s pineapple flavoring for some reason they don’t taste like pineapples, I also tried making them again and doubling the flavor and I still can’t taste the pineapples flavor is there anything else I can used to get that pineapple flavor that i’m looking for.


  39. tikeisha's creations says:

    Hi i tried do the apples last night using the candy apple magic, i don’t know what happened but they didn’t work! it never hardened. the candy just slid off, was there a specific temp besides the one on the bag that you used, i went to 300 and beyond and iit didn’t work, i aslo did anothe batch and went town to 250 and that didn’t work either, please help!~ they are due tomorrow!

    • If you followed the directions on the bag, I have no idea why they didn’t work. I always heat my candy to 302 degrees F and it works beautifully! If you don’t heat it enough, it definitely won’t harden. It HAS to get to that hard candy stage. Is it possible your candy thermometer isn’t working properly?


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