How to do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake

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How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake

Today I’m finally sharing How to do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake!  I’ve been promising this tutorial for months and have actually taken pictures of doing ruffles on two different cakes (and even a video) … but more pressing things always hold me back.

That, and the fact that it takes me hours and hours to edit this many pictures… that’s another reason this tutorial has been slow coming!

Anywho… but now it’s done – or at least this one is!  My son is helping me edit the videos and I’ve included two short ones – I’ll as more as they’re finished, but for now I hope the pics will help!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 01

Here’s what you’ll need:

Now let’s get started!

Step 1:

Take a ball of fondant and roll it out into a long strip.  I don’t have a measurement, but you want it pretty thin!  Then using the ribbon cutter*, cut strips – for this cake, they were about 1.5 inches wide.  You can do them narrower or wider, but that’s a pretty average width that works for most designs.

The strips do not have to be long enough to go all the way around the cake – in fact, I don’t recommend it because the longer they are, the harder they are to handle.   The ruffles are so irregular that it’s very easy to hide the seams!

*Note:  if you don’t have a ribbon cutter, you can also do this with a pastry wheel and a ruler, but my ribbon cutter is an invaluable tool and I highly recommend getting one like this.  You can adjust the width from very narrow to as wide as the whole thing, plus it also comes with stitching wheels and wavy edges!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 03

Step 2:

Separate out a single strip of fondant and dust it with a little corn starch (not pictured).  Slide your foam pad under one end of the strip and you’re about ready to make it ruffly.

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 04

Step 3:

Now, this is where the video will come in handy (scroll down below the two pics to find it)…. you want to use the ball tool to apply pressure to one edge of the ribbon, rolling it down onto the fondant and pulling away-  making it thinner and it will also begin to curl.

I work very quickly when doing this, moving the fondant strip as I need to and working from one end to the other.

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 05

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 06

Here’s the short video demonstration thanks to my son Joshua (his blog is!

Step 4:

To apply the ruffles to the cake, you’re going to start at the top (if the ruffles are pointing up) and paint some sugar glue onto the cake.  I usually do about an inch of glue all the way around.

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 07

Step 5:

Pick up your ruffled ribbons and begin to attach it to the cake.  Be careful to leave the ruffled edge free and glue the remaining flat part of the ribbon to the cake.  I like to press it on firmly in small sections – sometimes even adding tiny pleats to give it more dimension.

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 08

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 09

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 10

Step 6:

Continue all the way around – adding extra pieces of ribbon as needed.  You can see on the left edge of this cake where I have a seam.  I just pinch the top of the ruffle together a little and it blends right in!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 11

Step 7:

Move down about half an inch below the first ruffle and repeat the steps.  I like to have a good overlap!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 12

Wash, rinse, repeat… haha!  Here’s a short video of me attaching some of the ruffles:

When I added more pink color to the fondant to get the darker shades, the fondant got a little bit too soft, so I used the toothpicks to hold the ruffles up until they dried a little.  You could do this for any/all fondant where the ruffles wouldn’t hold up well and just let them dry for a few hours or overnight!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 15

Once you remove them, the ruffles will sag a little covering the holes or you can do tiny dots of buttercream to cover them!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on a Cake 14

And that’s it!  Easy-peasy!  I have a couple of other things I do to get different “looks” with my ruffles and I hope to have those shared very soon as well!

How to Do Fondant Ruffles on Cake

I also have a tutorial available for how to make the gum paste tutorial here!  This cake was 6″ and 8″ round vanilla cake with vanilla buttecream filling and frosting and homemade marshmallow fondant.

Do you have any questions about how to do fondant ruffles on a cake?  Leave me a comment and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!




  1. Linda says

    I sent an email asking about using MMF for the ruffle technique…..should have watched the video first :)
    Will the MMF ruffles adhere to a smooth buttercream iced cake or do you recommend using MMF to cover the cake? Thanks for sharing.

    • Rose says

      I’ve always done it on a thin layer of fondant (it doesn’t even have to be pretty) – I’m just not sure that buttercream would hold the weight of all the ruffles!

    • ziba says

      I was wondering if you tried putting ruffles on buttercream (instead of fondant), could you please let me know?

  2. Sharon Athanasiou says

    Hi Rose! Fondant ruffles is my next cake project. Thanks SO much for this. I just wanted to make sure you use purely fondant and you don’t add any tylose to it all to make it a bit stiffer?


  3. Trish Valente says

    Hi Rose,
    Thanks very much for your tutorial very helpful. Can i use half fondant, half gumpaste to make the ruffles? Thanks again for sharing your knowledge. x

  4. Toni R says

    Hi Rose. Thanks for this great tutorial. If I don’t have a ball tool, can I use something else instead?

  5. Lslade says

    What are your thoughts on leaving it a butter cream cake and then applying ruffles instead of covering the cake with fondant and then applying the ruffles. Not sure I’m making sense.

    • Rose says

      I haven’t tried it, but I worry that the buttercream wouldn’t hold the weight of the ruffles. If you want to try it, I’d recommend doing a practice run on a small cake before doing it for a party or customer!

    • ziba says

      I was wondering if you tried putting ruffles on buttercream (instead of fondant), could you please let me know?

  6. Bridget says

    You make it look so easy, and I love that because it gives me confidence to try new techniques! Today was my first attempt at ruffles, and despite the fact that I kept telling myself “it’ll look better when it gets more rows on it”, truth is… It looked horr-i-ble and I ended up ripping all of the fondant off, slapping on more buttercream with minimal decorations, and calling it done. Thankfully, it was delicious! Apple spice cake (your cake recipe, I just added the apples and cinnamon) with brown sugar cinnamon buttercream. I think my mm fondant was too wet.. Any suggestions?

    • Rose says

      If the fondant is too soft, you can roll out the thin strips then just let them dry/harden for 20-30 minutes before starting to ruffle them. If the whole batch is too soft, you can knead in more powdered sugar to firm it up.

      • Lauren says

        so I am very much an amateur and I need to make these ruffles only rainbow lol…. so would you just evenly split your fondant into six balls and color each ball…. I have set aside aprox 600 grams ( just over a pound) of fondant so I was thinking 100 grams for each color. I would love your thoughts.

  7. Adedamola Johnson says

    This is absolutely beautiful, i have never done ruffles before but i think you make it so simple, im definitely going to give it a try! Thanks Rose, my first time here too, love ur tutorials!

  8. Vivian Nguyen says

    Hi Rose, I am learning how to make fondant on cakes and I am having a really hard time sticking the candy to one another. I saw you used the pink liquid to attach the ribbon on the cake? I was wondering if you could show me how to make the liquid so that I could try to stick two pieces of candy together and how to make the candy shine like the sugar glue you used to paint it on the cake. Thank you.

  9. Nicole says

    Hi Rose,

    Can you tell me how long the ruffles on this cake took to put on? I’ve never done ruffles like this before so I’m trying to get an idea of whether or not I have time to do this cake this weekend. Thanks!

  10. candace says

    I’ll be making my first fondant ruffle cake this weekend (in hot, humid Florida) and I’m very worried the ruffles will get soft and droopy. What are your thoughts?

    I use straight gumpaste to make tiny flowers to place on my cupcakes which I sell at a green market and they become completely droopy on top of the cupcakes. And that’s straight gumpaste!

    I know it would taste better to be straight fondant but to be safe, do you think I should add 1/3 gumpaste to the fondant? The cake will be inside a small civic center (which doesn’t get that cool), but it is 75 degrees with 90% humidity around here.

    Thank you so much!

  11. Debbie Kohn says

    Hi — What do you do differently if your cake is square, rather than round? I would like to try this technique on a square cake. Thanks!

  12. Sandra says

    My niece wants me to make 3 large 14 ins square fondant fancy cakes for her wedding can I use this method to make the cake sit in it as though it was a paper case thank you

  13. Genevieve says

    Thanks so much Rose. This has been of great help to me. I have an order for a wedding cake and was wondering how to do the ruffles. I thought it was done by piping stiff royal icing with a rose tip.


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