How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

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How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant Tutorial Step-by-Step Instructions

Ages and ages ago (a little over 3 years to be exact), I wrote a post on How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant (MMF).   Well – that post is still here (I moved it to a new spot)… but I wanted to do an updated post with a few tweaks that I’ve made over the last 3 years.

I absolutely love questions and comments, but please read through it all before asking a question.  I know it’s long (I’m sorry) but I’ve tried to cover most anything I could think of!

The post includes notes (just below here) that are important, then the step-by-step photo tutorial for making the fondant, then a FAQ section at the bottom!

Beyond all that, if I still missed something, and it’s possible, I did…  leave me a comment!!

Please read these notes: 

  • In the written recipe below, I’ve included ingredients for a single batch.  However, in  the pictures, I’m actually making a double batch (the whole recipe doubled).  Since I make so much fondant, I almost always double these days!
  • I shot pictures of making two batches… one white and one pale blue.   I’m a cake decorator – not a photographer and I had a hard time getting all the pics I wanted.   SO… you may see the fondant switching between white and blue – I tried to use the best pictures of each step… regardless of which batch that picture came from.
  • Making homemade fondant is messy.   I’ve been doing it for 3+ years and I still make a mess every time!  I thought about excluding some of the messier photos so my blog would be all pretty – but that wouldn’t be honest.
  • Having said that, the mess is worth it.  It tastes sooo much better than store-bought and it’s so much cheaper!    I can make 6 pounds of homemade marshmallow fondant for under $8… probably closer to $6 but I wanted to round up!   A 5 pound bucket of Satin Ice fondant (the best store-bought I’ve tried) costs anywhere from $16 – $38 (depending on where you buy it) plus shipping if you’re ordering online like I do!
  • Now that I’ve been doing it for awhile, I can make a batch (or double batch) of fondant in 10-12 minutes.
  • I recommend making the fondant at least 24 hours before you need to use it!  It has the best texture and it’s easiest to work with after it’s rested!!   I highly suggest that you do not make this and plan to use it the same day!   It will be too soft, tear often, stretch too much, etc.!!  That’s just my experience.
  • If you don’t have one, try to get yourself a good kitchen scale.  I linked to a fondant coverage chart below and a scale will help you better estimate how much fondant to use, how much to color, etc. for different projects.  Also, I use mine to weigh out my powdered sugar because I buy 7 pound bags at Sam’s Club.  You can get a good one for less than $30.

Homemade Marshmallow Fondant Ingredients

Here’s what you’ll need to make homemade marshmallow fondant by hand:

  • 1 pound of Kraft Jet-Puffed Marshmallows.  I do not use any other brand and I use the mini ones – they melt faster!
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 cup Crisco vegetable shortening (more or less, for greasing your hands, surface, bowls, etc.)
  • 2 pounds of powdered sugar
  • 1-2 teaspoons clear vanilla extract or other flavoring (not pictured, optional)
  • microwave
  • large microwave-safe bowl
  • rubber spatula
  • silicone mat or well-greased surface

So… here’s how I do it!

Reminder… I’m making a double batch in these photos…. so if you do a single batch, it won’t look as “big”.

Step 1:   Dump your marshmallows into a large bowl.  I’m using a super large 32-cup bowl to melt my marshmallow because of the double batch!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 01

Step 2:  Pour about 1/4 cup of water over the marshmallows and microwave for 1 minute.  The marshmallows will be melted some, but not completely (see the second picture).

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 03

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 04

Step 3:  Stir and microwave for another minute.  If the marshmallows still aren’t completely smooth, microwave again.  I recommend microwaving in 30 second intervals, stirring after each until it’s completely smooth.  You want it totally melted, but not so hot that it’s boiling or anything!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 06

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 062

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 061

Step 4:  If you want/need to color an entire batch of fondant a single color – do it now!  It’s much easier and faster to stir gel coloring into melted marshmallows than it is to knead it into completed fondant later!    I need some very pale blue for  a nautical/sailing cake, so I’m adding a few drops of sky blue to my fondant here.

This is also the step where you would want to add flavor extracts or oils!   I’ve started adding a teaspoon or two of clear vanilla to each batch and it’s really good!  You could also add almond, lemon, strawberry (it might make it pink!), etc.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 08

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 09

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 10

Step 5:  Color or no color… after the marshmallows are melted (and color added, if applicable), it’s time to add the powdered sugar.  I used to add a little bit at a time.  Now I just dump it all in at once!

You can’t see it in the picture, but my little kitchen scale is under the bowl.  I put the bowl on the scale, zeroed it, then poured sugar until I reached 2 pounds.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 11

Step 6:  Stir it up as best you can.  It won’t be easy, but I try to do as much mixing as I can with a rubber spatula.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 12

Step 7:  After you’ve done as much damage as you can with a spatula, rub shortening all over your hands (and I mean all over) and get ready to dig in!   You want to eventually get your fondant to come together into a ball.  It’s best to do as much as you can in the bowl because once you take it out of the bowl, the mess only gets bigger!

Note:  Your marshmallows should have cooled plenty by now, but if you suspect that the mixture is still to hot to put your hands into – don’t do it!  Wait a few minutes for it to cool!!  I like to work with it while it’s plenty warm, but not hot enough to burn!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 13

Step 8:  If at any point it gets dry and doesn’t seem to be coming together enough, add a little more water and keep kneading!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 14

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 15

We’re gonna switch back to white fondant here… the pics were better!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 16

Step 9:  I don’t know how to tell you specifically when it’s ready to turn out onto a mat, but when it’s coming together into a bowl and you don’t have a lot of powdered sugar or crumbles of fondant loose in the bowl… it’s ready.

I dump the big ball out onto a mat coated with shortening (I use The Mat), or you could just coat your counter top with shortening.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 17

Step 10:  Knead the ball until it’s completely smooth.   This shouldn’t take more than a minute or two!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 18

Step 11:  Smooth it into a ball and try to get all the seams to one spot (I put it on the bottom).  You just don’t want cracks/seams all over.   When I’m doing a big double batch, I sometimes divide it into two balls and wrap them separately because one big ball is really hard to work with!

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 19

Step 12:  Rub a thin coat of shortening all over the ball of fondant and then wrap it in two layers of plastic wrap!   I used to stick them in Ziploc freezer bags and I still do sometimes, but now I mostly just double wrap them and put them in a large Rubbermaid box with a lid.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 20

Step 13:   Let it REST!!   I generally make several batches early in the week, throw them into my Rubbermaid container and put the lid on and let them sit until Thursday or Friday when I’m ready to decorate.

How to Make Homemade Marshmallow Fondant MMF 21

Step 14:  Be careful here!!  When you’re ready to use it, unwrap it, knead it and roll it out!  If it’s too hard to knead initially, microwave for 10 second intervals.  Knead after you warm it each time.  Here’s the important part:  fondant can get hot spots in it and actually be boiling on the inside and still look perfectly normal on the outside.  I’ve gotten seriously burned by fondant by reaching to grab it out of the microwave and it pooling out over my fingers.  I mean seriously burned – more than once!!!  BE CAREFUL!!!

There’s a picture of one of my burns here… it’s gross, but if you question how serious I am about hot fondant… check it out!

Now… here are some questions I’ve been asked over and over again in emails, in comments (some still below), on Facebook, etc.  If you have others, leave me a comment and I may add them here!


How do you store fondant?  As stated above, I wrap mine in two layers of plastic wrap and put it in a plastic storage box with a lid.  You could also put the wrapped fondant in a plastic zip-top bag for another layer of protection.  Do not refrigerate it!!  Nothing in fondant is perishable and it is best at room temp!   Keep it airtight and if it’s colored – keep it out of sunlight!

How long will it last?   I’m not sure and I’m not the health department but here’s my common sense answer.  At least a few weeks, if not longer!   How long do marshmallows last?  How about powdered sugar?  I don’t see how combining the two would make them “spoil” any faster!    Because I’m so busy, I’ve rarely had any sit here more than a few weeks and it’s always been fine!

How much does a recipe make?    A single recipe makes about 3 pounds.   When I double it as I did in these pictures… 6 pounds.  If you have The Mat, there’s a chart on it telling you approximately how much you’ll need for different sized cakes.  There’s also a Wilton Fondant Coverage chart here that I like to refer to.

How do I color fondant if it’s already made?  Just weigh or divide out or get the amount you need, add a drop or two of gel coloring (depending on the depth of color),  warm it for a few seconds if needed (again, be careful!), rub some shortening on your hands and knead the color into the fondant.  If the color is not as intense as you want, add more.  If it begins to get sticky, knead in some powdered sugar to off-set the extra moisture from the coloring and shortening.  I also recommend using gloves unless you want colored hands like I often have!

What colors do you use?  I use Americolor Gel Colors 99% of the time.    I buy and use Wilton gels at Walmart if in a pinch or if Wilton makes a color (like gray) that I can’t find in Americolor, but otherwise, I’m a faithful Americolor customer!    A note about gray… yes, I could just use black but it always ends up looking a little purple.  The Wilton gray (that I can only seem to find in the Transformers Icing Colors set), gives me a more true gray, so I keep it on hand!

Why do you buy Satin Ice Red, Black, and Brown fondant if you make your own MMF?  After many failed attempts at making black, red and brown (chocolate) fondant, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth my time and frustration to make those colors.  It takes tons of black and red gel colors to get really black or really red marshmallow fondant.  Usually by the time I get the color right, the texture is shot and I still can’t use it.  I gave up!    I tried chocolate (brown) fondant a few times and while it worked out once or twice, mostly it was a fail.  I’m not saying it can’t be done… but it’s not worth it for me anymore.  So I buy and keep on hand Satin Ice RedVanilla fondant, Satin Ice Black Vanilla fondant, and Satin Ice Dark/Brown Chocolate fondant (which smells and tastes like a brownie to me)!

How do you make bold colored fondant (black, red, royal blue, green etc.) without it turning into a sticky mess?  As mentioned above, I buy red, brown and black pre-made.  However for dark/bold colors that I do make (green, navy blue, etc.) I alternate between adding color and kneading in extra powdered sugar.   I try to keep the texture as “normal” as possible throughout the process and not let it get too sticky at any point.  However, if it’s not working, I’ll sometimes actually roll it out and sprinkle the surface with cornstarch.   Then I roll it/knead it back into a ball and keep going.  The corn starch seems to absorb some of the moisture,  dry it out, and I can keep adding more color without it getting too messy!  It’s a tricky balance and not something I’ve mastered but I hope those tips help!

 Can you make decorations (and/or decorations to stand up on a cake) with marshmallow fondant and if so how long do they need to dry for before adding them to the cake?  You can, but I recommend gum paste instead (Satin Ice gum paste is my favorite).  However, if you want to use homemade marshmallow fondant, it won’t dry as hard as gum paste and it’s difficult to get them to hold shape well. I recommend mixing in some tylose to help them dry and it makes it act more like gum paste.  I add 1-3 teaspoons per pound – depending on how soft the fondant is, how long I can let it dry, etc.  I like to let them dry at least 2-3 days up to a week!  You’ll really have to get a “feel” for this and learn what works for you!

How do you attach fondant decorations to your cakes/other fondant?   These days I use shortening or sugar glue.  You can read more about both of those in this Q&A post!

And that’s all I have for you today!!  Please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment if you have other questions… I might add them to the list!



  1. Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse says

    What a yummy looking mess! That cake is beautiful . You were definitely a cake decorator in another life! they are all so perfect!

  2. The Wild Family says

    Thank you for posting this recipe! Now I can make my cakes with fondant and have it taste good! I have tried flavoring and everything else to make fondant taste better but it just has never appealed to me or anyone else in my family for that matter. This should resolve all of those problems!

      • Drucilla says

        I have only made this a few times but i have yet to be disappointed.
        I use Hershey’s coco and mix it with the powdered sugar before hand.
        Taste the mixture before you use it to make sure its not bitter but then
        you just mix it like normal. I hope this helps!

  3. Kristen Miller says

    I just made this! :) Verdict: Messy is an understatement…especially for a first timer like me. But it was SOOO much fun!!! It was really pretty easy and I'm sure with more practice it can only get better. The best part is it tastes exceptional! Even with the ridiculous amount of black dye I used. 😉 I'm not sure my consistency came out just right. Probably due to the fact that I'm sure a good 1/4 cup of my powdered sugar ended up on the floor instead of in the fondant. Thanks so much for sharing! I love it!

  4. Christina Paul says

    I made mine this way once before…very yummy but it was a horrible mess. Note to anyone that will try to this recipe: take off your wedding ring first. I found that one out the hard way. Maybe I will try adding the layer of shortening next time…Thanks again Rose

  5. Anonymous says

    I have made this quite a few times, same recipe and make it in the kitchen aide mixer it is a little less messy and easier. Just us the dough hook gently hold it up a little and put a damp cloth over it!

  6. Allison says

    If I need to color this marshmallow fondant to make polka dots, at what point do I add the color? And what do I use for the color?

    • Rose says

      If you need LOTS of one color, I like to add in the color when the marshmallows are melted, before adding sugar. But you shouldn’t need that much of any one color unless all your polka dots are the same color. So… once it’s made, divide it into smaller balls and just knead the color into each one. The best colors are Americolor Gel Colors. You can also use Wilton Gel/Paste colors easily found at Walmart. Do NOT use liquid food coloring found in the cake aisle at most grocery stores. It’s way too watery! I hope that helps =)

  7. Becky B says

    Can you build decorations with marshmallow fondant and if so how long do they need to dry for mbefore adding them to the cake?

  8. New Fondant Maker says

    Hi, I’ve never made fondant before and I am really wanting to try this recipe! I am just wondering if we when we knead the fondant if we have to do it with our hands or if we can use a stand mixer? No issue doing it either way, just curious if it’s strictly by hand! :)

    • Rose says

      Well, I’ve never used my mixer to make it but I have read that some people do! You would just need to coat the inside of your bowl and dough hook with shortening and it *should* work! If you try it, I’d love to hear how it works out!

    • Amy says

      I have made MMF more times than I can count, have always used my Kitchen Aid mixer and it works great! I put the powdered sugar in the mixer bowl and leave a “hole” in the middle to dump the melted marshmallows in. I let the dough hook do most of the work, then dump it out onto a greased surface, knead until smooth and wrap in plastic.

  9. Jennifer Browning says

    Hi! I have decided to make the cake and fondant for my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake! I was wondering though if I could use store bought icing to stack and crumb coat with??? It’s just milk chocolate icing by betty crocker I think. PS I am following your tutorials on everything! I love them!! Thanks!!

    • Rose says

      It will not crust at all and I wouldn’t use a thick layer in between the layers of cake because canned frosting is much softer than homemade and it would probably squeeze out when you stack the cake. But other than that – it would be fine!

      • Jennifer Browning says

        So I can use it, just don’t do a thick layer in between and it won’t crust?? Is not crusting ok? I can still lay fondant on top and it will all turn out ok? I also saw where you said to add a little powdered sugar in with the buttercream frosting you made to make it thicker for the edges…would that work in my case or no? What would you recommend?

        • Brittany Holladay says

          If you want to crumb with the store bought icing add a cup to 2 cups of powdered sugar and it should give it the correct consistency to crumb the cake with you want a thick icing for that and its really nothing to add the powdered sugar I do it in a matter of 2 minutes or less mixing the frosting before adding it makes it softer and a lot easier to add the sugar in

  10. Susan Campbell says

    Haha…there’s so many trackbacks, it took me forever to scroll to the bottom to tell you this one little thing:

    I find that if I need gray fondant, I take a tiny bit of Satin Ice Black Fondant and mix it with white and it makes a good gray. I start with just a tiny bit and add more if needed to get to the shade of gray needed. I use Satin Ice White, but I assume it would also come out as a true gray with the MMF.

    Thanks for the MMF tutorial…I might give it a go one day!

    • Rose says

      I know – so sorry about that! I’ve searched before and found no solution but when you left this comment, I searched again and it seems there may be a new plugin to hide the trackbacks. I’m installing asap so we’ll see :)

      Great tip on adding black to the white! I’ll have to try it!

    • Rose says

      Well, that was a fail. It did hide all the trackbacks/pingbacks, but it also hid all the comment replies. Everything disappeared except for the first comment in any thread. :-/ I’ll keep looking for a solution!

  11. Evi says

    Thanks for your updates. I wish I’d had the warnings about the boiling interiors of freshly microwaved fondant! :). I just wanted to share one tip that has helped me save time and mess if you decide to use a kitchen aid. I take a kitchen sized towel , wet it and ring it out. Once I have my kitchen aid bowl and hook all slicked up and have added my powdered sugar to the bowl, I just cover the top of my stand with the wet towel and let it drape over the sides of my bowl before I turn it on. It really helps catch and contain the dust.

  12. Julie says

    Hi Rose! I made your marshmallow fondant, and it tastes amazing! I used it at my first purse class, and found that it made my first ever purse look lovely! The next day, I had a Tiffany box to make, another first! I found the fondant started to look like it was “breaking down”, especially on the lid if the box. Have you ever had this happen? What do you think happened, do you think it had something to do with the adding of extra colour and icing sugar? Any help would be appreciated, as my family loved this fondant! Thanks!

    • Rose says

      What do you mean by breaking down? And you’re meaning after you made the cake, something started going wrong? Just yesterday I put fondant on a cake and I had made the fondant more than 2 weeks ago. I had to warm it in the microwave to get it malleable again, but once it was a good texture, it worked beautifully.

    • Rose says

      I’m sorry… I responded to your question thinking you were asking about a different recipe. NO – I don’t recommend liquid food coloring for this recipe!

  13. Emma says

    Hi, I made this last night, thanks for the recipe. Myn seems to loose it doesn’t hold the shape if I push my finger in it, can I just add more icing sugar to fix this? Thanks in advance x

    • Rose says

      It’s often really soft when first made but will usually firm up once it rests for 6-8 hours or overnight. If it’s still that soft after sitting all night, then yes, you can add more sugar to stiffen it up. You didn’t refrigerate it did you? Refrigerating is not good for the texture and will also keep it too soft!

  14. Emma says

    Hi, thanks for getting back to me, I didn’t refrigerate it but it still seems softer than yours in the picture so I think I will add a little more icing sugar, it doesn’t seem to spill out now though. Hmm decisons, don’t want to ruin it! I will let you know how it looks when I add more x

  15. bev says

    How do u make satin iced fondant? I made marshmello fondant twice n it is dry. I am to make ny daughters wedding cake in sept with fondant. I need to learn how to make it by then. I dont think i want tge marshmello. Help if u can

  16. Tee says

    I just used your recipe & I don’t think it took me 30 minutes total!! So far, I love the outcome. I’ll let it sit for two days and hopefully it’s even better. Thanks for sharing :)

  17. bev says

    Thanks now i can stop trying to find it. Do u have a home made receipe of the best tasting fondant u ever made?

  18. Valerie Khey says

    Thanks for the great recipe!! I had a question for you….Can I place the fondant on cake like 3 days before and then leave it in the fridge? Or do you recommend just decorating the day before and leaving out? Thanks so much for your time!!!

    • Rose says

      Refrigerating a fondant covered cake has not worked out well for me. It tends to sweat and get sticky when it’s taken out. But that’s just my experience. You might do a search and see if others feel differently about it!

    • Rose says

      Normally, I’m the girl who buys generic everything, but in this case, I highly recommend the Kraft marshmallows. I’ve tried generics and had some bad luck!

  19. Becky says

    What is the name of the fondant rolling mat you use? i’m looking for one and want to make sure I get a good one

  20. Mary says

    First, thank you for your recipes – love your site! I have finally decided to go ahead & make marshmallow fondant. I have avoided making it (or any fondant) but your tutorial was so user friendly I decided to give it a go. I just made it -came together quickly but I have one question though, once all the sugar is incorporated and you turn it out, how sticky is it supposed to be?? I know – it’s marshmallow so it’s sticky but in the pictures it doesn’t look that sticky, it looks more firm. I didn’t know if I should add more sugar or just grease my hands more! I kneaded it, greased it and now it’s resting. I hope it turns out good – will have to make a test cake to see if I messed it up somehow.

    • Rose says

      It shouldn’t be sticky in the end. Depending on where you live and how humid it is, you may have to reduce the amount of water you add – that’s the most likely reason it’s sticky. But once you’re past that point, you can absolutely add more powdered sugar until you get a good texture that’s not sticky. Even after it’s rested, if it’s sticky, just added in more powdered sugar and re-knead it. Just be careful to not add too much and get it crumbly again…you just have to find that balance. I live in southern MS and sometimes mine is super sticky when its really hot and humid and sometimes it’s not – I just have to tinker with it to get it right! Hope that helps :)

  21. Julie says

    Dear Rose

    Your advice is not to refrigerate Marshmallow Fondant. However, a Sugarcraft magazine says to store it wrapped in the fridge. Which answer is right? Does it matter if it is securely wrapped?

    Love your site.
    Thank you

    • Rose says

      Hi Julie – I can only speak from experience. My fondant has terrible texture once it’s been refrigerated. It also tears more easily and stays super soft (won’t hold shape). I know that other decorators have their own opinions and experiences, so my advice would be to try it both ways and see what works best for you! Good luck!!

      • bev klinzing says

        wow now I know what happen to the last cake. We made a baby shower cake and my daughter said lets make the fondant thinner, so we rolled it thin and when we put it on the cake the sides ripped right off. We were thinking because we rolled it thin but we did put it in the frig and now I’m thinking it was because of the cold. The baby shower cake did turn out great, we left the top with fondant and made a basket weave on the sides with regular frosting and it was a keeper, so when you make a mistake you make the best of it!

        • Julie says

          Dear Rose

          I have learnt so much from your site, I will do it your way. You are an inspiration.

          Thank you for your quick reply

  22. Tee says

    I just used my Mat for the first time, and I didn’t need to grease anything! It was so easy. Be careful to get an even thickness tho. Watch the video in the link Rose posted.

  23. Marina says

    I’ve tried making marshmallow fondant before and no matter how many times I knead it and add confectioners sugar, there’s always some sticky parts within my fondant. How do I make all my fondant smooth and dry?

    • Rose says

      Yes, but it will add a slight int to the fondant. Marshmallow fondant on it’s own is not pure white anyway, and it might be a tad darker with the pure vanilla. Most people won’t notice or care – depends on the design and the customer!

  24. Patti Taylor says

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU…..have been looking for something that works and taste good…..trying it tomorrow……will let you know how I do. You do beautiful work.

  25. Dianne says

    Just ran across your site while looking for instructions to make a Dora backpack cake. The marshmallow fondant looks awesome !! Make lots of cakes for family and friends, everyone wants fondant because it looks so pretty, but once they taste it, or I inform them of the COST, not such happy campers !!! Will for sure give your recipe a try and let you know how it turns out !!!

  26. Melanie says

    I just started trying to make cakes. I came across your homemade marshmallow fondant and thought i would give it a whirl…it didnt take but 20 minutes MAYBE!!! Im excited to try it out tomorrow!

  27. Sarina says

    I have a dire question! I made some MMF a couple days ago, and tonite I rolled it out. When I rolled it out it was ripping like play-doh would and would not mend. I kneaded it with some shortening before I rolled it out and I tried to roll it out and apply crisco and re-knead it but none of that worked. I am not somewhere humid, I thought I made it correctly. Though now that I think back, while making the mixture it was SO sticky I could not get it off my hands. I looked at your pictures and I didnt see that the mixture was as sticky as mine. I kneaded for an hour at least before mine tamed down a little. I have no clue what went wrong and I appreciate the help!

  28. Nadine says

    Hi rose. I am doing a circus cake for my sons biryhday and i am going to need red fondant.where i live, we dont have satin ice red or any premade red fondant. I have heard of adding strawberry Jello to the fondant recipe and few drops of wilton red gel to achieve the color. Also for brown fondant, adding cocoa piwdrt to the fondant recipe and for black fondant adding cocoa powder and few drop of wilton black gel to the recipe. Have you tried that and how much jello u think i should add. Any tips?

  29. QUETCY Coloma says

    Rose I need the bubble guppies you used on the number one cake can’t find them on ests please contact me

  30. jackie tolliver says

    Hi! I found your recipie on pinterest! I wanted to try it for my son’s birthday! Well it is so sticky! I followedthe recipie. I don’t know what is going on, but it won’t form like yours did! i need help!

  31. Fran says

    Rose, My son is an Exec. Chef. When he started out, he was taught a great remedy for burns: put yellow mustard (straight from the jar) on the burn and leave it on until it dries. I didn’t believe it (I hate yellow mustard) at first, but after the first try, I was convinced. As soon as the mustard goes on, the pain goes away. Rinse it off after a few hours and there’s no visible reminder of your burn. I’ve tried it on first- and second-degree burns with great results. It even works with Dijon and honey mustard.

  32. Natalie says

    Hi Rose! This tutorial is great and I hope to use it soon. I’ve read your post from beginning to end and skimmed through all the comments left…forgive me if this question has been asked already. You state to make sure to use a heavy-duty mixer (I noticed yours is a professional series), I have a Kitchenaid Classic, do you think this will have to power needed?


    • Rose says

      Aaaah, I’ve been meaning to delete that portion of the post (and I did just now) My mixer started to smell like it was burning after I tried to make fondant with it a few times. I have read that others do it regularly with no trouble but my mixer was NOT cutting it. I’m back to making it by hand and probably won’t ever make it in a mixer again unless I end up with a commercial one. If I were you, I would NOT do it with my Classic mixer. :-(

  33. Arlene says

    In step 4 (MMF), If I add a different flavoring/extract; do I still add the vanilla extract? Can’t wait to try this recipe; sounds delicious.

  34. Sabrina says

    Hi Rose, do you think I can use butter instead of shortening and still leave it out at room temp? Thanks!

  35. Sally Brierley says

    Thank you for the recipe, I shall be trying that out very soon as icing is so expensive in the UK!
    I see that you sometimes struggle to make grey, I learnt a tip for making grey so thought I’d share it with you! Mix in a bit of brown with the black, this makes it a true grey rather than a diluted black (which like you say can be purple, or blue).
    Hope this helps in the future if you run out of grey colouring!!
    From Sally

  36. Cassandra Buttram says

    I want to thank you so much for posting this and all the trial and error mistakes, We made 3 batches and separated them before adding the gel color, It worked great! I am making 1 cake and needed 5 colors so I didn’t want 5 whole batches. For some reason our first and third batch turned out great but our second not so much. I want to say the husband added the water twice but he swears he didn’t…We added more sugar and let it sit for 2 days and added more sugar again! We now have 6 wonderful batches we rolled out and cut tonight and will look great on the cake Saturday! Thank you so much this is my first mulit-tiered cake I have ever made and the first Birthday cake I have ever made! I did put my fondant in a freezer Ziploc bag in hot water to soften it to keep the burning impossible. After seeing your accident I was terrified to put it in the microwave :) Perfection! Thanks again for sharing

  37. Lindsey Hamilton says

    I tried this recipe today, and when I rolled it out, it seemed to be a nice smooth texture, but it cracked and broke as soon as I tried to pick it up (and was doing it every time I turned it as well) – Did I add too much sugar, not enough water? What do I need to add or do to correct it, or do I have to start over?

    • Rose says

      It sounds like you need to warm it up a bit (maybe 10-15 seconds at a time in the microwave until it’s pliable), then knead in a little shortening and/or water. It’s always a bit of trial and error to nail down the problem, but it should be smooth and soft and not at all cracking! I usually start with adding a little shortening when I have cracking.

      • Lindsey Hamilton says

        Ok thanks! I started over with a new batch and it came out perfect lol :) I don’t know what I was doing wrong… it was just so weird, because it seemed to be such a nice texture, then I rolled it out, was still doing good, and as soon as I’d pick it up to cover the cake, it would just crack, and gravity just ‘pulled’ it down, and off the cake altogether. Thanks again!

  38. Melissa Boykin says

    Do you crumb coat before decorating with the MMF just like regular fondant or can you just wrap the cake?


    • Rose says

      I always crumb coat. First, because I like frosting (ha!), but it also gives the fondant something to adhere to. The posts are horribly old and the pics are terrible, but you can see how I do it here: Adventures in Cake Making part 1. Please note… I do it much more cleanly now and have a few short cuts, but that’s the general idea.

  39. Kai Baldock says

    I was wondering as I don’t live in America so don’t have that brand marshmallow, would homemade (I usually make my own marshmallows) work that same?

  40. amanda says

    I just love your site! I enjoy reading all of the tutorials. You’re a great inspiration for someone like me who is just starting. :)

  41. Caroline says

    Hi Rose,
    First off, thanks for your great posts, I stumbled across your blog when searching for owl cakes, and ended up on this post about your MMF – I’d previously thought about making it but wasn’t willing to risk it until I read your step by step instructions – such a great piece! You’re wonderful. I did it tonight and fingers crossed. It’s resting now – it seemed a bit sticky still at the end — if that’s still the case after resting when I’m ready to use it I just knead in some confectioners sugar, right? Hoping it’s going to work – tastes way better than store bought and so much less expensive!! My next question for is this: I plan to make a cake similar to your standing owl cake (but without the 6″ round cake in between the ball halves; mine will have a more rounded top and bottom and less cake – it’s a small crowd!). Is one batch of this fondant enough to cover the cake? You wrote in the standing owl cake post to roll out the fondant to about 24″ diameter – will one batch of your fondant do that? Thanks so much!!

    • Rose says

      Yes, if it doesn’t firm up after resting, you can absolutely knead in more powdered sugar until you get the right consistency! As far as how much you need, one batch should be enough to do that small cake, but I always double my recipe these days – I’d rather have too much than not enough. To figure out how big to roll it out, just take a tape measure and measure up one side, over the top and down the other size. That’ll give you a good idea!

  42. Caroline says

    Two more things I forgot to write :)
    1. KitchenAid has something (relatively) new – glass bowl options for the Artisan series mixer. That means the bowl is microwaveable. So someone who has this can do what I did tonight and cut down on most of the mess – do everything in one bowl! Marshmallows, microwave, mix, add color and flavor, mix by hand, add confectioners sugar, mix as much as possible by hand, and then coat dough hook in shortening and knead in the same bowl with your machine!
    2. Someone posted that she can’t use marshmallows. If that’s because of the gelatin in marshmallows, kosher marshmallows use a vegetable or fish gelatin as opposed to gelatin derived from pigs. That’s what I tried tonight – Paskesz brand mini marshmallows. Seems to have worked so far (except for my stickiness issue), and if it’s ultimately successful I’ll try to come back and report!

    • Rose says

      I gave up on making it in my Kitchenaid – it just made the motor sound so awful, like it was going to burn up. But if you get it to work – that’s great!

      • Caroline says

        Just wanted to report back now I’ve used the finished fondant to do a cake (a couple of weeks ago – the standing owl cake) – it was great! The fondant was a huge hit, way better than the store-bought, and now you can know there’s another brand of marshmallows that works that doesn’t have the pork-derivative gelatin. It’s the Paskesz brand mini marshmallows. It think it uses vegetable gelatin or fish gelatin.

  43. Flor Rodriguez says

    Hello, I’m convinced that Americolor black gel has purple in it. I was painting a cake last night and I got a drop of black gel on the top part of my hand. This morning the stain looked like a bruise…dark blue with purple and as the day has gone on, the stain is now mostly purple. No black! I think that’s why it’s hard to achieve a black fondant using Americolor.

  44. Caroline says

    Hi Rose, I just made another batch of the fondant tonight and encountered a problem that never came up before. I was using a new bag of confectioners sugar (I guess all the previous times the bag was already opened for another project…) and the confectioners sugar came out in lumps. I did your method of pouring it directly into the bowl of melted marshmallows on the scale, so it was too late to take it back and try to sift it or something. Then when I was kneading it, I kept encountering little lumps of un-worked in confectioners sugar! What a nightmare. I tried to get them all, but I am positive I did not. My question for you is, did you ever have this happen to you? And did it turn out alright in the end (I hope, I hope) after it rested? While resting could the confectioners sugar sort of “melt” in? Or is this batch no good and I should just start all over again? :(
    Thanks for your help.

    • Rose says

      Sometimes they will absorb (if they’re small) but sadly, I’ve had whole batches ruined before when I dumped in a bag without realizing it was lumpy or had crystallized sugar in it. I’m sorry – I know how disheartening that can be!! I discovered one time awhile back that a specific brand ALWAYS had little hard balls in it so I stopped using it all together! I hope it worked out for you.

      • Caroline says

        Thanks Rose, it did work out!! Thank G-d :). I had mostly forgotten about this issue and I used this fondant late last night/early this morning :) to cover my first purse cake, and it was going beautifully (the Mat is a G-DSEND), and then I remembered, hey is this the fondant that had the sugar balls?? I did encounter one or two tiny ones, but since it was an unusual shape anyway, and I textured it a bit too, you really couldn’t notice. It mostly absorbed in! Phew! And yay! I couldn’t believe how well the fondant worked with the purse cake. At first it was hard to knead (I never made it over a week in advance before), and then I remembered your microwave idea, and it was fabulous. I also added a dollop of shortening and glycerin per chunk of fondant that I was kneading (a tip that I read for store-bought fondant that seemed to work well here too), and it was great. Thank you!!! I am amazed by your cakes and tutorials. Thank you for your graciousness in teaching so unselfishly.

  45. Natalie says

    I made the mmf yesterday, colored it and wrapped the balls in Saran Wrap and stuck them in a tupperwear. Today I checked them and they are really, really, really hard. Is that normal? I need to make my cake tomorrow. I know you said that you can put it in the microwave to soften it, but was wondering if I’ve done something wrong that caused it to be so hard? Also if warming it up so much to get it pliable will ruin it when it dries?

    • Rose says

      Hard is good. Well, it’s better than super soft. Did you rub it down with shortening before wrapping it? If so, it’s all good. Cut it into two or three smaller pieces and microwave it for a few seconds at a time as I mentioned and begin kneading it. It’ll soften up and be great!! Be careful not to burn yourself !! If the outside is super hard (it’ll get that way if you didn’t use shortening on the outside OR it’s sat for several days) and the middle gets soft, DON’T knead the hard into the soft – you’ll get bits of hard fondant that you won’t be able to knead out. Just cut it off and toss it, or knead it separately to see if it softens.

      • Natalie says

        Thanks so much for replying and for all your great recipes and tutorials! I did rub it with the shortening before wrapping :). So glad to hear that it will be fine.

        • Natalie says

          I tried warming up the fondant, but had to keep warming it up every few minutes to make it pliable. Is this normal? I had a really hard time even covering my cake with it. What I was making was fondant ruffles (Thanks for your tutorial on that). So sometimes the ruffles got too hard to apply to the cake. Also is it normal when the ruffles dry to be super hard? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to figure out what NORMAL is. As you can tell I don’t have much experience, so any thoughts will help. It seems like on here everyone had the opposite problem where the fondant was too soft….lol

  46. Ceecee says

    Would you have the metric measurements? I could not see any conversions mentioned in any of the comments. (I never seem to be very successful when trying to convert recipes!). Thanks!

  47. AJ Silva says

    Great post. When I make red marshmallow fondant, I add a pack of red colored kool-aid. It takes great and comes out the perfect fire engine red.

  48. Deasha says

    Thank you so much for the step by step directions for this recipe. I came across it looking for easy “pig cupcakes”. This was my second attempt at making fondant, the first time was a horrible sticky mess. This time I added more sugar and was able to get all the sticky out (hopefully) but I noticed my would just go flat almost immediately after shaping into a ball. What did I do wrong and how can I fix it? I’ve got it wrapped and stored for now, but need to use it in 2 days for the cupcakes. Thanks so much!

  49. chithra says

    Hi Rose,

    What can be done to correct a Marshmallow fondant where in I have added little more water and ended up with a loose fondant :(

  50. Noemi says

    Me and my sister just started to fall in love in baking, for fun and for family and friends, we cant wait for someone to have a birthday or any occasions so we can give them a cake…. That is soo selfless of you sharing what you know to everyone, i just happen to pass by your site and you are soo helpful, I read the FAQ and there I find peace and answers to my questions…

    Just writing to commend on your hardwork and help for the newbies in this industries, Me and my sisters are just doing this for fun but my husband keep on pushing me to start a business with this<<>>> i just dont feel like giving them a price, especially if its someone you know, since we are just starting with these, I just asked them to buy the materials and Ill make them the cake they wanted…

  51. Renaie says

    Thank you for posting this recipe! I finally made a batch…. very messy but I think its going to work great. I left most of it white and made about a quarter of the batch red. I am so proud I got such a great red because red is such a hard color to get the way you want. I’m sure it was due to the small size, but I got a great red using Americolor’s Super Red and Maroon.

  52. Rachel Olimpio says

    Hello Rose,

    I love your website. I had a question about the marshmallow fondant. When ever I make my own (I use the same recipe as yours) mine comes out really sticky, I’ve tried more sugar and cornstarch but it doesn’t really help. What do you recommend?

    • Rose says

      There are so many factors that could change it – humidity, too hot, too much water, etc. If adding more sugar doesn’t help, I’d try less water and see if that helps. Eventually if you add enough sugar, it WILL dry out, but if you’re in a really humid environment, it make take more than “normal”.

  53. Wendi says

    Hi there!

    I’m planning to make your pancake cake next week for my friend’s birthday but I have some questions to ask.

    Is there any other method to melt the marshmallows without using a microwave?

    Also, how long must the fondant be out of the fridge for before it can be rolled and used?

    Thanks so much!

    • Rose says

      I’ve only ever used a microwave. I suppose you could do it with a double-boiler method!? NEVER refrigerate the fondant!! It ruins the texture. I let it rest overnight at room temp after making it before using!

  54. Robbin says

    Is it safe to eat the gum paste with the tylose in it? I thought I read something about that but can’t remember..:-) and wanted to say thank you for your posts and commenting back. I’ve got on so many of these things and people never answer back.. I appreciate the time you take with helping us

  55. Johanna says

    Hello Rose!, First Thanks for be so helpful and take your time to explain things in order we can learn more!!! God Bless your heart!!!!!
    I made your MMF and came out wonderful, but I will make a mine craft cake with fondant where I have to cut out a lot of squares, I wondering if MMF will be good for as it is, or If I can add Gum Tex to my already made MMF, in order to dry and keep the square shapes before I added to the cake?…

  56. Angela Patenaude says

    Once you put it on your cake, do you then put it in the fridge? I’m making my sons birthday cake the night before his party. With store bought fondant I would throw it in the fridge….,

  57. Diana says

    Hi there!

    I love getting your weekly newsletters. :) I made MMF a few weeks ago and covered it on a cake. Do you experience condensation when working with fondant and buttercream? The fondant started to condense pretty quickly after I covered it and I could not work with it for a while. By time, it was a saggy mess and it was awful. :( I can’t decide if I put too much buttercream as a crumb coat or the fondant was too thick. You said you live in MS and deal with humidity sometimes. I live in Houston and it’s always humid here! I’m making my niece a cake in two weeks. Thanks!

    • Rose says

      Was your cake cold or frozen? Or did you refrigerate it after covering? The only time I ever really have that problem is when I cover a frozen cake. And I never refrigerate a cake after it’s covered in fondant! I do like to cover my cakes when they’re cold (not frozen) and if they start to get any condensation, I just put them in front of a fan for half an hour or so and they dry and then I continue on.

      • Diana says

        The cake was cold and it was in the fridge for 6+ hrs. Maybe I should have left it on the counter to warm up a little bit before covering it. Thanks!

  58. Sara weber says

    I’m just a hobby decorator but I’m excited to start making my own Fondant. I tried this recipe with a kitchen scale for measurement and my fondant seems very fragile/ moist. Should I knead in powdered sugar or typos to increase the elasticity? In its current form it seems like it would rip when covering a cake unless I left it very thick (maybe that is the trick with mmf).

      • sara weber says

        Thank you for your quick response and your generosity. Yes. I let it rest for a little over 24 hours. You think it wasn’t enough powdered sugar or maybe I added a tiny bit too much water in the beginning (even though I measured it)? I’d hate to pitch it so I wonder if kneading in more sugar, corn starch or some tylose could help.

        • Rose says

          Either is possible – too much water or not enough sugar. It’s also possible your marshmallows were expired (I had that happen once and it ruined my fondant). However, before tossing it, I would try warming it up and kneading in more sugar until it starts to firm up. I would not use corn starch or tylose.

          • sara weber says

            Thank you so much Rose. I’ll try the warm and add sugar method. I know practice makes perfect with homemade items so I appreciate your help with problem solving it so I can keep trying it to get good at it.

  59. Shannon says

    HELP! I forgot to add the extract to my MMF!!! Its sitting on the counter, double wrapped “resting” skip it? or can I incorporate vanilla bean paste!? yikes. and THANKS!

    • Rose says

      Skip it! It’s no biggie at all! I’ve made hundreds of batches with no extracts… it just tastes like straight-up marshmallows YUMMY!!

      • Shannon says

        Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver and an inspiration! (sounds cheesy but I mean it from the bottom of my heart! thank you for sharing, teaching, and enabling the rest of us to become our dreams.)

  60. Jaime says

    Hi Rose,
    I’ve just finished making my first batch of MMF in baby pink and I’m sooo pleased with the results. It really wasn’t difficult at all and I loved all the mess, it was so much fun. I’ll definetly be making more soon, probably tomorrow just another colour. Lol.
    Thank you so much for the tutorials, I love getting your daily e-mails and checking out all the pictures of your fabulous cakes.

    Thanks again.

  61. Heather morton says

    I just made the fondant but it was a little sticky and when i rolled into a ball it oozed. What should i do? Or is it right. I added a little more powdered sugar and the stickyness subsided but it still looses it shape.

  62. Jan says

    Rose, I’ve tried to read all the coments before asking my question. If you’ve answered it already my apologies. I made my fondant exactly as described and it is really super soft. Now it is cool and rainy today so that might be some of it. I have it wrapped in plastic right now hoping it sets up over night. I’m afraid to add more powdered sugar…..what suggestions do you have.
    Thank you

  63. search says

    That is a really good tip particularly to those fresh to
    the blogosphere. Short but very accurate information… Appreciate your sharing this one.
    A must read article!

  64. Alyssa convery says

    I Accidentally put mine in the freezer for about 2 hours. They are frozen but de thawing , will the be okay to still use? If you could please get back to me that would be great I can’t find anything o line that says yes or no!


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