How to Make a Cake Ball Wedding Cake

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How to Make a Cake Ball Wedding Cake

This might be the most unique wedding cake I’ve done to date.   My first (and only so far) Cake Ball Wedding Cake.

When I was first asked about doing this cake, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into.  I loved the look of the cake the bride sent me as inspiration, but I had no idea how to bring it together.

Cake Ball Wedding Cake PM

And honestly?  I didn’t figure it all out until very late the night before.

We planned early on to have the “cake” underneath be dummy cakes, so I ordered the styrofoam dummies and the cake board and bought up lots of supplies to make cake balls.

Cake Balls Wedding Cake 03 WM

A couple of days earlier in the week, I baked several cakes and made the cake balls (see how I make cake pops here – except minus the sticks and I didn’t dip them yet).   Then I stuck them in the frig to wait.

The day before, I made a few batches of homemade marshmallow fondant and covered the dummy cakes.   I used piping gel as “glue” to make the stryofoam dummies sticky so the fondant would adhere to them.

Then the night before – I started dipping cake balls.  But sadly, I could not get them to look pretty at.all.

Cake Balls Wedding Cake 05 WM

I was freaking out!  The cake balls were messy; puddling on the wax paper or having fork marks obvious on them where I tried to get them out of the chocolate.   I tried a few different things and then I started to panic – with only 15 hours before I was supposed to deliver the cake – I had no idea what I was going to do.

Then I messaged my friend Kristen and she suggested I try using lollipop sticks.  She said to just dip them like a cake pop, let them harden, and pull them off!  So I did… and WOW, it worked like a charm!  Praise the Lord for smart friends!!

Cake Balls Wedding Cake 06 WM

Unfortunately, it still took much longer than I anticipated and probably 6+ hours later, I finished dipping the 400+ cake pops.   And then I went to bed.

The next day, I knew I couldn’t drive the 45 minutes to the venue with the cake balls attached to the cake (I had visions of them rolling all over my truck as we bumped down country roads), so I loaded up the covered cake dummy, the pans and pans of cake balls, and a thousand toothpicks (I didn’t want to run out) and we headed out several hours ahead of wedding time to set up.

I normally don’t go to weddings that early, but I didn’t want to underestimate and not finish in time, so we erred on the side of caution and went very early!

Now here’s the fun part… we took pictures of putting it together!

We started out with the naked cake and the trays of cake pops…

Cake Ballls Wedding Cake 01

Okay, so we had already put a few on when I thought to take pictures, but you get the idea 😉  Here are all the trays:

Cake Ballls Wedding Cake 04

Anyway, so we went to work.  “We” referring to me and my husband.  He’s a rock star cake assistant, by the way!

Cake Ballls Wedding Cake 03

What we did is poke the toothpick into the cake/styrofoam, then push the cake ball onto the toothpick.  We used the “hole” that was created by the lollipop stick the night before so that we didn’t crack the chocolate coating.

Attaching the Cake Balls WM

It was pretty easy to space them and “eye ball” the distance – and we staggered the cake balls on each row so that they stacked closer together.

Rose working on the cake WM

You can tell in that picture that I didn’t stress at all over having the cakes perfectly covered underneath the cake balls.  I knew it would all be covered up – especially the bottom seams.

You can also see the small indentions around the top edge of each tier.  Once we had quite a few made the night before, we actually laid one row around the top side of each tier to “measure” and be sure we would have enough cake balls!

I had already done the math and had a fairly good idea – but I just wanted to be sure.  I knew once we were on site, there would be no way to make up for a shortage.

Cake Balls for Wedding WM

Clearly – we had enough!  Ha!  This tray was left sitting next to the cake with probably almost a hundred extra cake balls!

Cake Balls Wedding Cake with Platter

Anywho – if you’re wondering, it only took about an hour (give or take – I don’t remember exactly), for me and my husband to attach the 300 (ish) cake balls to the cake.

Building the Cake Ball Cake

It really was easy to “assemble” and the cake balls felt really secure on the cake (more than I expected).    I wasn’t sure what the plan was for the top of the cake, so at the end I used some toothpicks to put a few balls together as a topper – just to give it a finished look!

Cake Ball Wedding Cake 2

I snagged this pic from the bride on Facebook… they added some flowers on top and a few randomly placed between the cake balls… gorgeous!

Cake Ball Wedding Cake

I was really proud of it when all was said and done – and confident that if ever asked to do it again, I could do it with much less stress!!

PS – wanna see the groom’s cake that I made for this wedding?  I shared it here… go have a look at all those pics too!

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I really hope this has helped for all of you that have asked me how to make cake

So what do you think of the Cake Ball Wedding Cake?  I know it’s not everybody’s style, but it’s very unique and I actually loved it!  Leave me a (nice) comment – I’d love to hear your thoughts and/or questions! books, toys, tech, & more.


  1. athena says

    Love your work! And your honesty! It’s fun to see the process and hear about the hard parts. It is truly awesome that your husband is supportive and even helps you. My husband is super supportive (he knows I wont cook for myself when making a cake so he does cooking on cake days and makes my plate!) but the only help I have enlisted from him is his opinion. Which he does a good job at giving and helping that way. Keep up the beautiful work. I always look forward to seeing more.

  2. Denise says

    What a gorgeous cake! I love it!! I also love that you tell us everything that happens so we can learn from it. I have a bunch of ideas running through my mind. I could see this cake in different colors to go with a party theme. I could see this cake with an ombre look. Or, all pink or blue for a baby shower. Of course, there are Christmas colors or pastels for Easter. Somebody stop me — I just love it. Love your blog and, thanks for sharing.

    • Rose says

      Thank you so much! The possibilities really are endless, aren’t they? And I’m always happy to help – when I started doing cakes, I googled non-stop to learn and I hope to help others by making their searches a little more fruitful and just maybe saving someone else some time with something I’ve learned! :)

  3. Emily says

    Did you have problems getting the fondant to stick to the cake dummies? Looks great…and also like my worst nightmare. Not a fan of making cake pops. :)

  4. Evelyn says

    I LOVE this cake!! Thank you for sharing the process. I’ve always wondered how to do this. Your transparency makes me feel like there is hope for me to become as fabulous as you – or die trying :-)

  5. Kathi says

    So glad I found your site! My daughter wants a cake-pop wedding cake, too. Thanks for sharing your experiences in attaching the balls. Two questions: What is “piping gel” and how do I make/buy it? And how did the bride and groom remove the cake balls from the finished cake to serve their guests?

    • Rose says

      You can easily buy it at Walmart or a hobby or baking store OR you can make it. I can’t remember where I found the recipe but you can google it and find several. It’s super easy to make and it’s just a sweet “gel” that is clear, so you can color it blue and it looks like “water” on a cake or there are many other uses. I wasn’t present for the wedding but I think they just let guests walk up and pull off cake balls to eat them!

  6. Christina says

    Thanks for all the great info! Your cake turned out fabulous! I’m doing my first cake pop cake in a couple weeks and the attachment part has me stressed out the most!!

    Could you tell me what size dummies you used for yours?

  7. marlena says

    How much may I ask would you charge for a wedding cake like this? Or better yet what would you charge for the cake balls each?

  8. Melanie says

    When you dipped the balls with the popsicle sticks, did you dip the ends of the popsicle sticks into the melts before like you do with the pop sticks? Or not, because you were going to pull them out? I am thinking not since you want to be able to pull them out easily? Thank you! I am going to attempt this on a smaller scale for a wedding on Friday. I always have issues dipping my cake balls without the fork marks showing!!

  9. Christie says

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am making a cake ball wedding cake soon and you have made it look so easy. Were your dummies 3″ or 4″ tall?

  10. Katie Joy says

    Dear Rose,
    I want to thank you for this blog post. I just made a purple hombre cake ball cake for a friend’s wedding, and this blog was SO helpful!! My cake balls really turned a corner when I read your tip about using lollipop sticks to dip them. With the help of your blog and some friends who gave of their time, my cake turned out great! We also used edible glitter for some extra shine. Thanks for sharing your experiences here for others to benefit from!
    Katie Joy

  11. Viktoria says

    Dear Rose,
    can you tell me if I have an 8 inch cake dummy (4 in high) how many cake pop needed to cover it, just on the side, as how you did it above.
    Thanks a lot, have a nice day!
    Viktoria from Greece

  12. Brianna says

    Hello! This cake is perfect! I’m eager to attempt to make this cake for a banquet and was wondering if you have any tips about getting the right brand or consistency for the candy melts? I struggle to keep the temperature even and to coat each ball perfectly.

  13. Jeanne says

    I love your cake ball cake and would like to know how you got the little swirl on the top of each cake ball. I also love your blog – it’s more helpful than any I’ve read. Thank you!

    • Rose says

      Thank you Jeanne!! I wish I knew how to explain it in words, but I’ll try. I had the balls on sticks, so I dipped them upside down into the chocolate, then held them sideways over the bowl, and tapped and turned the sticks as the extra chocolate dipped off. That (unintentionally) left the little swirl on top!

  14. elvira says

    I love this idea and will be doing this soon. Hopefully I can do it. Can I ask what is the size of your cake pops?? Thank you.

  15. carol osantoski says

    I loved your cakeball wedding cake and all the great info. Do you think it possible to do a 4 tier cake with bottom layer covered with balls , 2nd layer a regular cake 3rd layer covered with balls and top layer a regular cake?

    • Rose says

      I think it would work – you’d just have to take into consideration the sizes of the tiers and how much width the cake balls will add to keep it proportional.

  16. Joanna says

    This is so helpful! I am making this for this weekend. 2 questions – 1. Did you have issues with the balls falling off the lollipop sticks when you dipped them since they weren’t dipped in chocolate first? 2. Did you refrigerate the balls at all after dipping or just leave them at room temp? Thanks!

  17. Jajaira Lermas says

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience, last summer I made a cake ball cake as well, it was so stressful the night before as well so I can totally relate, for being my first ever I also made a 300 or so cake ball cake so it was a bit hectic. I wish I would of taken pictures of the process because now I am asked to make a small one with about 50 cake balls and I have no idea what size dummies I would need, what do you recommend? do you remember how many would fit on each dummie?
    Thanks in advance!!

    • Rose Atwater says

      I honestly don’t remember. But you can measure your cake balls and determine approximately how many will go around each size tier with a little math. That’s how I got my guesstimate the first time!

  18. Sandie Adam says

    At the request of my son and his bride-to-be I will be making this for their August 8 wedding. Your directions are very helpful — one question however: did you use anything to stabilize the cake dummies. Such as a dowel or did they just rest on top of each other?

  19. Lily Douglas says

    Hi, your cake is gorgeous! Thank you for posting the step by step process. I have been requested to make a cake ball cake but they want the tiers to be made of cake. Have you ever tried that? Thanks again.

  20. courtney says

    This is awesome! I was wondering if you had any idea around how much chocolate it took you to make all those cake balls (lbs)? Thanks!


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