Peppermint Marshmallow Dips for Hot Chocolate {Great Gift Idea!}

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So, my friend Kathy posted on Facebook that she had made some Marshmallow Dips for gifts and I had to know what she was talking about.  First of all, I use marshmallows all. the. time for homemade marshmallow fondant on my cakes… but I rarely do anything else with them, so this was appealing.

Also, I love me some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows so making these was a no-brainer!!

She said she found the idea in Good Housekeeping ($6.99 per subscription on Amazon right now!) but I couldn’t find an article on their site, so I just “winged” it.  I think this would a be a fantastic frugal gift idea!!

So, you can make these as simple or fancy as you’d like.  You’ll need at least marshmallows, chocolate chips, coffee straws, peppermint or candy sprinkles, and a way to package them.

Global Sugar Art

If you grab a $1 Christmas mug at the dollar store, wrap the marshmallows in cellophane or cellophane bags with a bow, and add a $.10 pack of hot chocolate, you have a very yummy {frugal}, adorable Christmas gift!

Here’s how I make these!  They’re easy-peasy!

First, I melted about half the bag of chocolate chips in the microwave.

It took me about 2 minutes (stirring every 30 seconds) to get it smooth and melted!
While that’s going on (or afterwards if you easily get distracted like me), you’ll want to put your marshmallows onto coffee straws or plastic “stir sticks”.  I found the straws I used on the paper aisle at Walmart…next to regular straws and napkins and such.  I think I paid $2-3 for a box of 250!

I put a sheet of wax paper (or parchment paper would do) onto a platter to get ready for the next step.

You’ll also need to get your “dips” ready.  Crushed peppermint will be super yummy to make Peppermint Hot Chocolate, but you can also just use sprinkles.  I used some of both!

Now, I didn’t get any actual pictures of dipping the marshmallows into chocolate, then sprinkles, because well…I just don’t have that many hands, or that much talent.  Maybe one day I’ll figure out how others do it.

But…I ended up with a variety of Dipped Marshmallows!

Note… chill for about 10 minutes in the frig before wrapping or the chocolate gets everywhere.  Ask me how I know!!

I personally think the Peppermint Marshmallow Dips will be the yummiest.. but they were all pretty!!
At this point you need to make some Hot Chocolate, and instead of adding marshmallows into it…stir it up with your “straw” with a Peppermint Marshmallow Dip on the end!  You’ll have Peppermint Hot Chocolate… doesn’t that sound delicious?!

OR, if you want to go with my original idea, wrap these up with cellophane and a ribbon, add them to a mug from the Dollar store with a pack of hot chocolate, and you’ve got an adorable, yummy, partly homemade gift!

You can get marshmallows for about a dollar a bag, and I got that Nestle Hot chocolate for a dollar a box at Walmart (of course, that will change over time).  Chocolate chips are on sale a lot this time of year, and you could probably use plastic wrap and get creative with the ribbon.

If you’re really crafty, you could make up a Peppermint Hot Chocolate Basket, with a Homemade Jar of Hot Chocolate mix, a handful of Peppermint Marshmallow Dips, and a couple of mugs!

There are so many ways to do this – use whatever you  have on hand to keep the cost down!  I already had that mug, but I know you can get really cute ones at the dollar store!  If you want, you could put multiples per mug…

Or…you don’t have to have a mug at all.  Just give them as gifts all on their own.  They taste sort of like the chocolate covered marshmallow bunnies around Easter!  I know this because…well, because I just had to taste one…

Any way you choose to do it, or if you only do it as a fun afternoon {cold weather} project with your kids, they’ll love it and I promise…you’ll love the Peppermint Dipped Marshmallows! you have any homemade gift ideas?  I’d love to hear them!

If you like to make Christmas goodies this time of year, be sure to check out my Oreo Truffles, and of course my most recent Christmas cupcakes (which won a Cupcake Challenge….squeeee)!!

Here’s a printable recipe for you:

Peppermint Marshmallow Dips for Hot Chocolate {Great Gift Idea!}
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate Chips (or White Chocolate)
  • Sprinkles and/or Peppermint
  • Coffee Straws
  • Wrap & Ribbon (optional)
  1. Melt the chocolate of your choice in a glass microwavable bowl in 30 second intervals until completely smooth.
  2. Push the coffee straws into the marshmallows. Add the sprinkles and/or crushed peppermint into small bowls.
  3. Dip the marshmallows in chocolate, then into the coating of your choice. Place on wax paper and allow them to set!
  4. Enjoy!!

Did I miss anything?  Do you have any questions about the marshmallow dips?  Please leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer and help out!

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Easy Peppermint Marshmallow Dips - Great Gift Idea


  1. Heather says

    Great idea! Finally an idea that my 3 AND my 1 1/2 year old can do. We all know how toddlers are *great* at dipping things :)

  2. Anonymous says

    This would work wonderful for smores also. Put with some graham crackers and wrap in the cellophane and you have another cute, homemade gift

  3. Anonymous says

    Saw these be done at A.C. Moore, but never thought of the Hot Chocolate idea with peppermint love it very inexpensive is right have to give it a whirl maybe thats a great teachers gift…thanks for sharing!

  4. Jennifer T says

    Our home school group has a sweet swap every year…these would be great to take to that! Thanks for the idea. Also, I just happen to have 2 1/2 bags of giant marshmallows in the cabinet now

  5. Allison says

    yayy! found on pinterest and so excited. did you dip the top of the marshmallow, too? and it didn't stick to the parchment?

  6. Rose Atwater says

    @Allison – I dipped the entire bottom (or top?) half of the marshmallow in chocolate and it did not stick to the wax paper that I used. I'm sure it would work great with parchment paper too!

  7. Anonymous says

    This is such a GREAT idea! I'm a little bit in tears because I was trying to think of how we could get gifts for our nieces (and we don't have any extra money this year). I might be able to swing this! Love, love, love it.

  8. Hayl says

    these look delish! and, i love the easy gift idea. BUT, i am wandering if these will actually melt into hot chocolate, or will the chocolate just seize up and float around in the cup? I know that if you get any water in melted chocolate chips, it will get grainy and seize up. Have you actually tried them in your hot chocolate? thanks!

  9. Sherry says

    I just made some for our office potluck tomorrow. They ARE delish! I had to try them and the chocolate does melt . The whole thing will float until the marshmallow starts to melt. Its fun and good! Thanks for the great recipe!

  10. cruetsonly says

    Found you on pinterest! My 17-yr-old daughter used these as one of the things her friends could do at her Christmas party. We set out all the ingredients and let them randomly dip them as the night wore on. Some friends ate them right off the stick, and others used them to stir the hot chocolate we provided. My daughter is now going to make up some of them as gifts. The dollar store was out of mugs but they had darling Christmas stockings, fifty cents each, and just the right size for a packet of hot chocolate and a marshmallow dip! Thanks for the great idea! -Lisa A.

  11. Julie says

    Totally in love with this idea!! One problem–they would never make it into a cup of hot chocolate because I’d eat them 😀

  12. jannah says

    I thought about making these for an outdoor fire pit party I’m having. We will have hot chocolate and I thought these would be great! How long can you make these before hand before they start to get stale? Thanks for the great idea!!

  13. Tannis says

    Hello! Love this idea! Do you know how far in advance of Christmas these could be made. I am wondering how long they last, let me know if you know! Thanks so much.

  14. Sherry B says

    I also use gold plastic spoons, dip in white and dark chocolate sprinkles if you want, cellophane bags,ribbons! :)

  15. Mary says

    I love these! They are so easy to make and such a nice inexpensive gift. I made these for the 5 teachers in my daughter’s bible study club at school. I didn’t have much money to spend but wanted to get them a little something for all they do and I think this will be a perfect gift. I put a couple marshmallows in a bag with a couple packs of hot cocoa. Thanks for sharing!


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