A Day in the Life {May 2014}


Over at RoseAtwater.com, I shared lots of details and pics from yesterday… “A Day in the Life“.  It wasn’t a typical day for me at all… there was very little homeschooling, no cake, no sleeping until I wake up, and on a positive note, no staying up until at least midnight.

But anyway… it was fun to journal our day with pictures and share a little slice of our real  life with you!  Go read all about it here!   Happy weekend!!

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Rose Bakes Reader Survey + Enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

Click to take the Rose Bakes Reader Survey Congratulations to Karen P. from the UK who won the $25 Amazon Gift Card!!  I’ve already emailed her and she’s claimed her prize =)
 Thanks SO MUCH to everybody who entered… I wish I could give you ALL a gift card!
Happy Monday everybody! Today I’ve got something a little different for you.   As RoseBakes.com has continued to grow, I’d like to take some to time to make sure that my readers are happy with things I’m sharing here.

To do that, I’m asking that you fill out this short Rose Bakes Reader Survey.   Would you please take a few minutes and do this for me?  Pretty please??   This is your chance to tell me what you really think about Rose Bakes :)

Please be honest and feel free to tell me anything that you’d like to share.  This survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time!!

Amazon Gift Card
As a way of showing my appreciation, everyone who completes it can enter to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!!   To enter the giveaway, your email address is requested at the end in order to notify you if you have won the gift card, but your survey answers will not be tracked to your email address or connected with you personally in any way.

I’d like to say a big “Thank you!!” ahead of time for your time and input to help improve RoseBakes.com and for continuing to read and grow with me!  I cannot ever express how much you all mean to me!

Are you ready?  The link is in the box below!

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The survey will close Sunday night, April 20 at 11:59pm CST.  

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Cakes, a Giveaway and a New Baby.

Movie Theater Cake with Popcorn
I’m all over the place today.  Cakes, a Giveaway and a New Baby.
First, up, did you see the cakes I did last week?  There was the Movie Theater Popcorn Cake (yes, that’s popcorn, made from fondant), another Catfish Cake (see how to make a Catfish Cake here), a Softball Cake, and a Roses Wedding Cake (no pics of those last two yet).

It was a pretty busy week, but I really enjoyed doing some new designs!

Click to see this Milk Glass Cake Plate at Minted.com
Up next… I just announced the winner of the Minted.com Gift Certificate!  I absolutely love giving things away and I do hope the winner gets something fantastic from Minted.com.  Hop over to that post and see if it was YOU!

Next, I sort of disappeared for a couple of days because my baby brother and his wife (see their pic here) were having a BABY!!   The hospital was almost 2 hours away, so we stayed overnight out of town to be there with them and just got home late last night.

Perry Kathryn
Meet Perry Kathryn!  She’s just the sweetest thing ever!!  I’m totally and completely in love with her and so proud for my baby brother and his wife Ariel!!

And today?  I’m catching up on laundry and banking while alternately blogging with a new heating pad wrapped around my shoulder trying to get some pain relief.  I’ve also started applying essential oils to my shoulder that seem to be helping a lot.

PS – if you want an awesome heating pad – get that one!  It’s super soft, the cover doesn’t come off, and even better… it heats up in under 30 seconds and can be set to NOT turn off automatically.  Translation – it gets hot, the cover doesn’t slide off while I’m tossing and turning at night, and it stays on all night  long when I feel I need to sleep on it!  (I got the Sunbeam Xpress Heat Extra Large)

I’m pretty sure one day I’m going to have to have surgery on my shoulder and/or quit caking altogether.  I can go months without it bothering me, but when it does flare up with pain, it nearly kills me and it makes my cake work so very hard!  This time around it’s been more than 2 weeks of hurt and I feel like I’m hitting my limit on pain tolerance.  Ugh.

So – I’ve covered it all, I think.  Cakes, giveaway, baby, and then my totally unrelated, shoulder pain.    Ha!  How’s your Tuesday going? 

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